Question: How can I prepare my child for photo day?

Answer: It is best if your child is well rested.  If a haircut is being planned, it is best if it happens a few days prior to photoday.  Bright clothing usually works best to compliment background.  If your child is nervous or unsure, it is always helpful to practice the process ahead of time.


Question: How long will it take to receive my photos

Answer: 3 to 4 weeks from your school DUE DATE.


Question: What if my child is absent on photoday?

Answer: Don’t worry.  If your child is ill and unable to attend school, we usually return to each school for an “absentee day.”


Question: What do I need to send with my child on photo day?

Answer: Most schools are on a proof program, so you are not required to send any order or payment on photo day.  About A week after the photos are taken, you will recieve sample proofs along with an order form.  Simply complete the order form, and return it to the school on or before the “Due Date” indicated on the form.


Question: I did not receive a group photo with my package, is this arriving separately?

Answer: Although class groups are usually included with the individual order, occasionally the groups may arrive at a later time.  Please allow a week or two for the group photo to arrive.  If it has been a couple of weeks since you recieved your individual order and you still do not have the group photo, please feel free to contact us.


Question: My child’s order did not arrive at the school with the other orders?

Answer: Usually photo orders will arrive at the school in a batch, however, if the order was placed later than the due date or we have a question about the order, it may trail the other orders by a few days.  If you still have not received the order within a week or so, please contact us to be sure that we have received the order.


Question: I am past the due date, can I still place an order?

Answer: At Creative School Images we store images for up to 2 years, so you can still order after the due date.  Please be sure to include the $10.00 late fee with your order as there is additional processing involved with orders placed after the batch/bulk of orders.


Question: Where do I send my late order?

Answer: Late orders can be called in, mailed to us, or ordered online at


Question: Can I change or review my order?

Answer: If you need to add to an order or change an existing one, it is best to call or email us and we will be happy to assist you.


Question: Can I send a post dated payment?

Answer: Unfortunately, we do not accept post dated payments simply because we deal with a large number of orders, and it is increasingly difficult to “catch” and “hold” cheques that are post dated.  It is best to hold off on ordering until the payment is current.  If there are special circumstances pertaining to an order or payment, please contact us.


Question: What is included in the basic retouch, and do you offer any special retouching?

Answer: If you have selected retouching on your order form, you will receive removal of basic blemishes and imperfections.  If you have selected retouching for a particular mark or blemish, please indicate on your order form, or attach a note with details.  If you require more extensive retouching such as brace removal, tooth whitening, etc., please contact us for options and pricing.


Question: Do you offer a family plan discount?

Answer: We do have a family plan available to help offset the cost for parents with more than two children attending the same school or another school that we photograph.  You must select a package of equal value and complete the `family plan`section on the order form.  Please note that all children under the family plan MUST reside at the same address.